The EAST ANGLIAN ‘SECTION’ was formed on March 13th 1968 at ‘The Conservative Club Hall’ in Kelvedon, Essex. There were 20 people present, and the Officers and Committee were elected as follows:

President – Mrs H.Goodwin (Hildlane)

Chairman – Mr R. Searle (Francehill)

Secretary – Mrs J. Fox

Treasurer – Mrs M. Marriage (Scylla)

Committee – Mr D. Thornley (Felthorn) – Mr D. Craven (Tyneford)

Mr J. Sparkes (Cloudyisle) - Mr B. Ostle (Elstor) – Mr G. Evans –

(Donreen) – Mrs D. Monks (Dornbrae)

There were 12 meetings a year held at various venues throughout Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk, and the support from the Members amounted to seventy plus every time! 

The ‘Section’ became a ‘Branch’ in 1992, and has hosted a varied programme of events throughout the past 50 years which has included:

Matches – Grooming Demonstrations – Health Talks – Brain’s

Trusts – Quiz’s - Fun-Days – Bar-B-Q’s - Walks – Supported

Shows – Parties and Caravan Rallies.

The Branch is proud to have had, and still has, some influential Breeders within its region, and is also renowned for a number of well known Sheltie Champions too. 

The Branch now celebrates its ‘Fiftieth’ year (2018), and continues to host a significant programme of meetings and events, as well as supporting two local shows throughout the year. It remains positive with a hard working Committee and endeavours to cater for all Shelties and their owners within the region. The Committee are  always open to ideas and suggestions for future meetings, events and activities.

PRESIDENT: Gillian Derbyshire | CHAIRMAN: Brian Hull | TREASURER: Marion Withers
COMMITTEE: Gillian Hull - Jackie Bush - Mandy Hoare - Linda Barley

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